Privacy policy

Atelje Duka site manager, Dubravka Šorel s.p., is committed to protecting the personal information of its users in accordance with the Protection of Personal Data (Slovenija, Zakon o varstvu osebnih podatkov: ZVOP-1-UPB1) 

For the business needs, Atelje Duka site manager gathers the following user information:

  • name and surname,
  • address and place of residence,
  • e-mail address
  • contact telephone number
  • password
  • and other data that users enter into forms on the site Atelje Duka.

The site manager is not responsible for the accuracy of data entered by users.

Site manager collects IP addresses from which users access the site only for security purposes. Each user is assigned a session cookie to identify and monitor its shopping basket. On customer’s computer can be stored some persistent cookies, which are: the identification number of the user, interface settings, and GoogleAnalytics cookies (analysis of site visits).

All of these data, except cookies are stored permanently in Atelje Duka database. Session cookies are stored in server memory only for the duration of the visit, permanent cookies are stored on the customer’s computer permanently.

Atelje Duka site manager, Dubravka Šorel s.p. can use user data in anonymised summary form used for the purposes of statistical analysis.

User data will not be handed over to unauthorized persons. Delivery service (eg DPD) will be trusted only a user’s shipping address.


Please be advised that in certain instances, it may be necessary for Atelje Duka to disclose your personal information to government officials or otherwise as required by applicable law. No personal information will be disclosed to any law enforcement agency or governmental agency except in response to:

  • A subpoena, warrant or other process issued by a court of competent jurisdiction;
  • A legal process having the same consequence as a court-issued request for information, in that Atelje Duka would be in breach of local law were it to refuse to provide such information, and it or its officers, executive or employees would be subject to liability for failing to honor such legal process, provided there is a legal basis to do so, or,
  • Where such disclosure is necessary for Atelje Duka to enforce its legal rights pursuant to the laws of the jurisdiction from which such information was gathered, and there is a legal basis to do so.